Optional Extra Activities


Starz offers examinations in the Australian Teachers of Dancing classical ballet syllabus. Students in the Grade 1 level up the Advanced level are invited to participate. Starz is proud to hold our annual examinations at our fully equipped Kyneton studio in August each year. We welcome a qualified examiner each year appointed by the Australian Teachers of Dancing. Exams are not compulsory and are an optional event. Classical ballet exams provide a wonderful goal and a special day to work towards during the year. Exams will be offered to those students who are confident and ready to take part in their levels exam. Students who are not quite ready may wish to do an Assessment Exam instead (an exam without a mark – just a written paper) so that they can still be involved.

It is compulsory for Grade 2 ballet levels and above to participate in a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week if they wish to participate in exams.


Competitions are an optional activity offered at Starz. Students showing outstanding dedication and enthusiasm may be invited to join our schools competition teams or become solo representatives when they reach the appropriate standard. Troupe competition teams encourage students to work hard as a team, support one another and show a group commitment so they can perform to the best of their abilities. We have a strong emphasis on team work and the journey to our final performance, rather than simply the result achieved at the end. Starz does not hold auditions for solo students or competition teams and instead selects students based on their dedication, enthusiasm and ability.

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Starz welcomes and encourages students to attend workshops, masterclasses, summer schools and various other extra curricular activities. All programs undertaken outside of Starz in relation to dance must be approved by the Director, Miss Laura. Regular training at other dance studios is not permitted due to the conflict of interest this creates. Involvement in external extension programs may be approved provided students maintain commitments to Starz first and foremost, understanding that training at Starz must never be compromised.


Starz is actively involved in our local community and we are proud to offer events that enhance our sense of community. Community events help us to develop a strong sense of school-pride and allow for fun outside the classroom where friendships blossom and memories are made. Some of these include:

  •   Local festival performances and parade involvement
  •   Performances at local aged care homes
  •   Senior Student viewing days for younger students to attend
  •   In-school Discos and Pyjama party
  •   Christmas/end of year break up parties
  •   Specialty in-school dress up days and charity fundraisers

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